I don’t know about you but January this year, felt like the longest month ever! With christmas over, short gloomy days and a lot to get done at work before my maternity leave began made it all a very trying month. On the contrary however February has gone by quick as a flash and it’s hard for me to believe but today our baby Mudwellies is already a month old! I mean how did this even happen, where has time gone? But seeing as we have reached this mini-milestone I thought it was about time I introduced her properly! 

Charlotte Anne

3rd February 2020 – 6lb 15oz

On the 3rdFebruary and just over two weeks ahead of schedule my waters unexpectedly broke and so began the next chapter of our lives. Matthew and I had chosen not to find out the sex and so when Charlotte graced us with her presence in the world and we realised we had a little girl, it was a massive surprise. Not that we didn’t expect a girl, its a 50/50 chance after all, but because Matthew’s family for the last 100 years or so have been almost exclusively male born! Anyway, these last few weeks have been spent soaking up family moments and enjoying the newborn bubble of snuggles, feeding and sleep {well as much as was can}. Most importantly Charlotte has been introduced to her newest and bestest of friends – the dogs, cat, chickens, ponies and sheep too! 

So, there you have it our first two-legged (non-fluffy/feathery) member of the gang and I must admit the cutest one yet. I’m looking forward to sharing more of our small holding & Exmoor adventures soon. 


Daisy x 


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