Well happy birthday to me – are you a birthday celebratory or sweeper under the carpet?! 

Personally, I love to celebrate a birthday however big or small, that doesn’t necessarily mean a big bash every year {in fact I can’t remember the last actual party I had perhaps my 18th?!} but just simply doing something to make the day a bit special is in my opinion, required. This year it has all felt a bit different with Charlotte only five weeks old and still being in the whirlwind of new motherhood I guess I’d forgotten about it. Thankfully though my family had not. We celebrated early with my parents having dinner the night before. Mum made the most delicious raspberry and chocolate cake that look wise could rival the one that features on the title screen of bake off. Alas as is the way, we were eating it before I even thought of getting a photo… whoops! 

With the actual day falling on a Tuesday Matthew was working so his mum, dad and I decided we would head out for a spot of lunch. I’d heard great things about Sheppy’s House of Cider, home to the Apple Bay bar & restaurant but never got around to properly visiting. So, despite the horrific rain {as usual}, we thought we would try it out. Once we had arrived and parked up, we headed into the converted brick barn – inside there isn’t just a restaurant but also café and farm shop featuring a small deli, butchers and bakery – oh and not forgetting lots of cider! 

Anyway, back to lunch, the restaurant is child friendly providing high chairs for older ones but for us a table with enough space beside it for Charlotte’s pram. The menu featured a great variety of choices ranging from larger meals to more lunch sized portions such as stuffed ciabatta’s or jacket potatoes. I couldn’t resist going for the venison sausage roll that also came with coleslaw, salad and chips. I knew it would be good when the comment from the waitress as we ordered was “oh, that’s really good!”. Paul, my father-in-law had the same whilst Linda went for the healthier option of beetroot and quinoa salad with sliced pear, walnuts and smoked cheddar. Both meals were delicious but far more than I would usually have at lunch so I regret to say I was too full for pudding! Opting for a good old fashioned cup of tea to finish off instead. 

Before we left we had a look around the farm shop. Don’t be put off by its petite size, the shelves are fully stocked with lots of interesting bits like beetroot ketchup, wild boar pâté and various local treats. As Matthew couldn’t be with us, we thought we’d treat him to a large chunk of his favourite – Somerset Brie. The cheese selection was seriously impressive. Purchases in hand we headed homeward so I could walk the dogs and check on the menagerie, thank goodness for these lighter evenings! 

It was a lovely day and I’m already looking forward to our next visit. Sheppy’s have been on the site making cider since 1917 so there is lots of history, in fact their Somerset’s oldest cider makers. From March to October they run tours on the weekends to get a peek behind the scenes and a cider tasting (fee applies) but if you just fancy a walk to work up an appetite then the orchards are freely open and there are even picnic benches if you’d prefer to bring your own. I’m certainly looking forward to heading back in the summer for a walk with Charlotte around the Apple trees and try the selection of cakes which I managed to resist this time! 


Daisy x

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