Christmas is such a special time of year and no one loves it more than Bramble and Clover who despite a lack of knowledge of what Christmas actually means, are the first to help unwrap any presents and then proceed to shred the paper into a million pieces! As well as being the first in the queue for turkey & pigs in blankets! This Christmas marks a big occasion for us here at the Mudwellies household being the last one with just fur-babies!  So, I thought it was only right to put together a little list for anyone who needs a bit of inspiration when buying their favourite four-legged friend (or two if you’re a chicken) that pawfect gift. With a few ideas for the animal lover included too.

All the bits I have listed below I have either brought myself, been gifted and therefore rigorously tested or things that are also on my {I mean the animals} wish lists!  

For the Dog –

  1. Personalised Bowl – Because what dog doesn’t need their own personalised bowl?! I love the Emma Bridgewater bowls so many designs to choose from. 
  2. Equafleece – Probably the best buy I have ever purchased for the girls are their equafleeces. The fleece is designed to wick the water away so they don’t feel damp and help them to warm up after running in the cold. Or if you prefer put them on before you go outside and they keep your dog dry & clean. Even handier they are machine washable and designed to fit all shapes and sizes. 
  3. Filson ‘Hunting’ collar – If your dog is anything like mine, then they spend ¾ of their walks within the bushes sniffing for treasure. The hunting collar has a ring in the middle to ensure that should they ever get tangled up they can always get out the situation. Pretty stylish too, I might add!
  4. Or Mackenzie & George Collar – If you are looking for a quality leather collar {without the ring} then why not check out Mackenzie and George’s – I’m thinking of getting Clover one as she hasn’t got a lovely collar like Bramble and is less likely to get caught up. Such amazing craftsmanship!
  5. Treats –  Every dog loves a treat, our girls have quite sensitive tummies so we always go for wheat free biscuits, like these cute christmas ones from Laughing Dog Food Company.
  6. Dog Mitts – How handy {get it} are these! Simply slip them on and give your pooch a good belly rub & stroke and hey presto they’re clean!

For the Cat –

  1. Chaise lounge/Scratcher – Pumpkin think she owns the house and uses wherever she wants as a bed but one of her favourite is her chaise lounge! Which doubles up as a scratcher – it’s quite big but if you’ve got the space it’s saved our sofas both of scratches and cat hair. 
  2. Treat Jar – Pumpkin also has a habitat of finding her biscuits in the cupboard and opening the bag for a sneaky nibble … hence we need a treat jar. Loving this one from Sophie Allport and even comes with a handy little scoop. 
  3. Treats – Obviously you’ll need some treats to put in your lovely jar… Pumpkin is a little obsessed with Dreamies!

For the Ponies & Horse –

  1. Horse Trial Tickets – Okay strictly speaking these aren’t for your four legged friend, however going along to your favourite horse trials (Mine has to be Badminton!) is just another excuse to buy them all their favourite presents!
  2. Salt Lick – A tasty treat and a way to get essential nutrients back into their bodies! {Lots available this is just an example}
  3. Treat toy – In winter when the boys are a bit more restricted {thanks to all the mud} we like to give them something for a bit of entertainment – the likit ones are great as you can get varying degrees of complexity to suit your horse/pony.
  4. Personalised Stable Plaque – the boys will be jealous of this ideas as they don’t have a proper stable but just a little touch to make any ponies stable a little fancy!
  5. Antlers – Because if you can’t get your horse to wear antlers at Christmas, then when can you?

For the Chickens –

  1. Automatic Door Opener – The auto door was one of the greatest purchases for the chickens we have ever made! If you don’t want to fight who’s turn it is to go out in the cold to let the chickens out then you would love an auto-door. 
  2. Coop light – With the dark evenings its hard to check the chickens without juggling a torch. We have loved the new coop light from Omlet that, even easier, just attaches to the Autodoor!
  3. Personalised Egg Stamp – Okay more for you than the chickens but something to give your eggs that special touch. I am looking for one to stamp on the date, pencil just isn’t the same.
  4. Raspberry/Fruit Bush – Growing a fruit bush in your garden will not only provide yourself with some fresh home grown fruit but my girls are a little obsessed with raspberries! A little summer/autumn treat and easy to grow.

For the Animal Lover –

  1. 3 Donkeys coverall – {One for the ladies} We have a tradition of dressing up a little fancy on Christmas day so, thank goodness for these women’s coveralls to keep those frocks clean whilst checking the menagerie. They are designed to be a attachable two-piece so you don’t have to take all the whole outfit when nature calls! 
  2. Sofa Topper – We have a custom fitted topper for our Kitchen window seat as the girls love to sit up there, but they also make amazing toppers for your sofas, benches and now car boot as well!
  3. Animal Mugs – There are so many beautiful mugs out there its hard to pick just one, particularly in love with these Sophie Allport Spaniel mugs!
  4. Snaffle Bracelet – For any horse lover, or anyone for that matter, Hiho Silver have a gorgeous range of jewellery. From Snaffle bracelets to pearls they’ve got something for everyone.
  5. Travel Vouchers – Still struggling to find that perfect gift for the animal lover – why not get them some travel vouchers. If like us, you or someone you love can’t bear leaving their pups at home when you go away, then why not treat them to a getaway where dogs are not only allowed but get the prince/princess treatment! Pets pyjamas focus of pet getaways both in hotels & cottages. 

Hopefully that gives you a few ideas for some alternative christmas presents! What are your go to gifts for your pets and pet lovers?


Daisy x

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